Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A month of craft - but very little dressmaking!

Hi - a whole month and a day since I last posted! Thanks flu for stealing 2 weeks of my that - I have no excuse for the following 2.

On the plus side I attended a fascinating 4 day pattern cutting course at my local college. I learnt all about blocks and swinging darts! Then I spent a small fortune on books (as usual) - the course was mainly taught from Winifred Aldrich 'Metric Pattern Cutting' and Jo Barnfield & Andrew Richards 'The Pattern Making Primer'. We were lucky enough to be taught by Jo Barnfield for the last 2 days - she really knows her stuff and provided a fascinating insight into pattern cutting as both an industry professorial and a dressmaker. I'm sorry I have no photos of my work on the course - I was recovering from flu and it was all I could do to just be there!

So I am still working on the shirt dress mentioned in my last post. The sleeves are in (with cuffs) - now to start on the button placket and collar. More updates to come on this one.

I also went to the Craft4Crafters show at the Bath & West Showground last week. This was a lot of fun and I came back having spent a small fortune! The most inspiring stand was Ingrid Wagner and her recycled selvedge balls - knitted and crocheted into amazing home-wear and bags. I came away with 4 giant balls, a huge crochet hook and instructions on how to make a circular rug. Here is my effort;

Its a bit bubbly but I'm sure will flatten in time (I have never crocheted before). I love the navy, mustard and grey - it's in my bedroom at the moment.

Other makes this month have included some envelope cushions for my garden sofa and a toy rabbit for my soon to be 1 niece Bryher.

There has also been plenty of gardening now the weather is warming up (but we had snow yesterday!). A little veggie garden with mange tout, purple french beans, rainbow chard, yellow courgette and button carrots.

I hope to have had the shirt dressed finished for my next post - must stop being distracted by other little projects!

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