Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Sewing Bee Fever!

So the much anticipated Series 4 of The Great British Sewing Bee started again last night. I made sure I was home and ready in my pjs with wine for the perfect viewing experience. Family were silenced (this only lasted so long) on pain  of death.

On the whole I very much enjoyed the first program. The first challenge (Basic Construction) was to make a top cut on the bias with a chevron design (from striped fabric). I think this would fox many people (me included) with the time constraints and cameras! They all did very well - although I did hear one contestant say they had not worked with bias binding before - odd for a show about sewing skills! Clothing cut on the bias reminds me of the early 90s - apparently its all coming back into fashion now - so expect to see those lovely (hum not!) striped bias cut skirts on the high street soon!

The second challenge was to refashion a huge lined blue maternity dress. I'd hate to do this challenge - my mind tends to go blank! My initial thoughts were harem pants - no one did this. Lots of gathered skirts and a lace trimmed monstrosity of a top! I really liked the sundress Rumana made - the contrast with the orange waistband and back lacing was fantastic.

The third and final challenge was Made To Measure - skirts. I'd love to do this - I'm a bit obsessed with analysis body shapes and perfecting measurements. Some skirts were stunning (Angeline's pencil skirt with peplum was amazing and won garment of the week; and special mention to Rumana again for the stunning fabric she used on her skirt). Some skirt designs were very old fashioned looking (the judges never refer to this but they should - I'm not talking vintage just frumpy!). Never the less it was about sewing skills and design and some certainly nailed this.

At the end of the show Duncan sadly went home. To get as far as the series itself is a great accomplishment and he should be very proud of himself. Best of luck for the future Duncan.

I would so love to be on this show but missed the application deadline because of work last autumn - maybe next year...............................?

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